Diane Von Furstenberg’s new show will be nothing like The City

She is one of the most known fashion designers in Hollywood’s history. A gown made by her is eye-turners and are definitely one of the most coveted pieces of clothing that anyone can have in their closet. Her ideas and fashion have inspired many a generation of fashionistas and designers and she has single-handedly managed to change the face of fashion designing. But now, Diane Von Furstenberg is coming out with her own reality TV show called “House of DVF,” and we analyse that it won’t be anything like “The City.”

“House of DVF” is about a group of young girls who are fighting for the prize of being the next DVF girl, a very prestigious honour in the fashion world. The legend however was quick to reiterate the fact that her new show will be nothing like the other major reality show focussed on fashion models, called “The City.” The contestants are girls all aged below 25 and vying for the top prize. They will be put through rigorous tests and situations to test their mettle and see if they have what it takes to be the DVF brand ambassador.

Diane Von Furstenberg new show will be nothing like The City

Diane was quoted as saying that she was really looking forward to the show and that the girls who were participating were in for some hard work. She expects her contestants to step up to the plate and deliver what is asked of them. Having said that however, she also stressed on the fact that she wishes to nurture the talent on the show and nurturing them for future endeavors.

“That’s the way I am. I’m a Jewish mother,” she said, laughing. Her goal was to create something entirely different than what was being portrayed on television and also says that her show empowers women, a matter which she felt was very important to her.

She said that she had decided to bring her empire to television because it was the right thing to do and it just happened all of a sudden. The idea was right and the whole concept just felt right for her and she decided to go through with it.

The girls on the show will have to deal with many factors that surround being a fashion ambassador. Part of them includes designing and merchandising and Diane insists that she is cautious yet excited to see how the girls will behave under such pressure.

The innovative Diane also concluded that her show will provide a platform for the young girls who were taking part in it and that she was really looking forward to empowering women through the basis of the show and portray models who are objectified in society in a positive light.


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