Adam Levine’s and Behati Prinsloo Bloody Naked Sex Scene

Adam Levine, known as the World’s Sexiest Man alive, now married to the hot and dashing Behati Prinsloo, just released a terribly creepy and, according to some people, gross video in which he and his wife were shown having Sẻx whilst covered in blood! Apart from just that, the whole story depicted in the music video of Maroon 5’s latest music video, “Animals”, in which this incident took place, the role played by Adam is quite creepy itself. Adam plays a butcher in the video, who is also a stalker. He stalks Behati and clicks her pictures whenever he gets the chance to.

In this video Adam Levine’s and Behati Prinsloo Bloody Naked Sex Scene

 Adam Levine’s and Behati Prinsloo’s Bloody, Naked Sẻx Scene

It has further been shown that he roams around her when she is asleep, clicking pictures and also stalks her at the bar. Finally, to increase the creepiness to an almost infinite level, the video shows Adam daydreaming about the hottest, steamiest, sexiest, and possibly also the bloodiest Sẻx ever depicted in a music video. Unexpected move from Maroon 5, but a probably a good move as well, since this video has been gaining popularity just because of this bloody scene, which no matter how gross, was new and genuine.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Bloody-Naked Sex Scene

The music video only depicted the band playing the song once or twice, which was probably when the scene shifted to the bar scene where Adam was stalking Behati. Apart from that, the whole video was about the butcher stalking the hot girl. Apparently, to a layman it may also seem as if Adam was shown as a person who had an incredibly weird and creepy blood fetish, since he was shown to be playing around with hanging bodies of animals or humans, which cannot really be identified, and then painting himself with blood using his hands. Behati’s role mostly seemed innocent, and probably the person who was totally unguarded. Adam was shown as a stalker, but not as a rapist or any other such person, which was another one of the major things depicted in the video, since he had the chance to do whatever he might have wanted. But what he did was daydream about having the steamiest Sẻx with Behati, and finally, bathes in blood whilst having Sẻx, absolutely nude and standing.

The overall direction of the video was done in a very nice manner, yet it can be said that the band itself was not given much limelight in the whole video. However, the video gained popularity instantly due to the fact that this is probably the first time that the couples have appeared together in a music video. And the couple chose to show what they got right off the bat! Anyhow, this video can be, or rather, should be rated adult not only due to the amount of nudity or sexuality involved, but also due to the blood and gore in this particular video. Where some people are happy for the couple, others are fairly annoyed by such a video. To each his own! What about you?

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