Jennifer Lawrence Leave Social Media Due to Leaked Nude Photos on Social Media

Several Hollywood actresses have leaked nude photos to the Social websites. This happens rarely in day. But this time is different. Numerous Nude photos of Hollywood actress are leaked in social media. In this leak photos Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ariana Grande and the other’s name included. Nude photos shared on named ‘4Chain’ website. Be exposed to the extreme of a Hollywood actress is not new. Jennifer Lawrence photos leaked on Social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Due to this cause Jennifer Lawrence Leave Social Media. She wont join Social media again.

Why Jennifer has made the distance from social media?

Jennifer Lawrence’s nudity is the recent talking point in the internet

So many celebrity news stories, so little time! Thanks to a few of our fellow entertainment, Hollywoodtrack has rounded up some of our favorite and most-talked about news stories of the day!. Jennifer Lawrence says goodbye to social media due to nude photo hacking scandal. Hollywood Gossips, Actress Jennifer Lawrence being hurt by her nude photos viral on Social websites she said that she will not never use of social media, Because the Internet do very bad with her. Recently Jennifer’s nude photos leaked on social media.

Finally Goodbye to Social Media says Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, 24 years old during the negotiations on a British radio station, Hollywood Gossips that she finally have deleted official account from the social networking sites. She said, ‘If any account holder saying that I (Jennifer) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then certainly I am not. She is one of the most downloaded women on the internet.

Latest celeb news about Jennifer Lawrence insists she’s not right for social media because she can barely keep up with her emails. Academy Award winner Jennifer appeared little credibility on Twitter, but that’s enough because it is beyond her grasp, so it will, no account. So I will never join Twitter.

Earlier in September, more than 100 celebrities including Jennifer’s nude photos were leaked on social media sites. This was quite a stir in Hollywood.

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