Isla Fisher Pregnant: Expecting Third Child with Sacha Baron Cohen

Isla Fisher, the 38 year old Australian actress is reported to be pregnant again! This being the third time, expecting a third child with The Great Gatsby star Sacha Baron Cohen who is 42 years old right now, she was noticed rocking a small baby bump whilst running errands in London. With a blue top, baggy jeans and a blue blazer, it kind of became an obvious signal that yes, Isla is pregnant again!

Apparently, Fisher and Cohen already have two daughters, named Olive, who is 7 years old and Elula, who is 4 years old. Fisher is known for keeping her family first, no matter how hectic the schedules get or how busy she gets. Family is always her first priority, and that makes her one of the most different and interesting actresses in the industry! She further stated that she is quite comfortable with doing supporting roles and also that she finds these roles really interesting since she gets the opportunity to play a character actress. Furthermore, she is reported to have pulled out from the movie named “Now You See Me 2” just for concentrating on her pregnancy. The production house further stated that she is 3 months along already. The couple are said to have been quite hidden about their marriage life, but Fisher had revealed a number of things whilst her 1st and 2nd pregnancies. The star even revealed that she had been having morning sicknesses and nausea, and had to eat supersized bowls of white pasta with loads of butter and cheese, because apparently for her, only that could take away the nausea. She also revealed that she gained 65 pounds during her first baby and 70 during her second, which can be the consequence of the huge bowls of pasta that the star consumed during her pregnancies. Apparently, Fisher has turned to Yoga to lose weight and gain back her figure. She is very proud of her stomach not because of how slim it is or was, but because her stomach tells her about her biggest achievements – which happen to be her children.

Isla Fisher Pregnant Expecting Third Child with Sacha Baron Cohen

Fisher and Cohen have been having loads of magazine writers and journalists swarming them ever since they have found out about this news and the couple has also given a number of interviews regarding this. Fisher has revealed a number of things which one would have wanted to know about her pregnancies, and also about what one should do during pregnancies. Multiple people believe that this is impossible but apparently, with Fisher and Cohen’s terrific comedy, there is no doubting the fact that they can handle anything that comes their way in a nice manner. Finally, hoping for the best for Fisher and Cohen, we will be covering the info regarding this topic and will keep you all updated about her pregnancy status. Only 6 months to go, considering she is already 3 months! Excitement may be building up, but some are also worried about Fisher. We just wish the best of luck to the couple – especially to Fisher!

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