Michael Jackson’s 16 year old daughter is pregnant?

Michael Jackson's 16 year old daughter is pregnant

The late pop star Michael Jackson’s 16 year old daughter Paris Jackson is pregnant reported in the discussion. A rumor around the society is spreading as Paris Jackson has the engagement with her ​​boyfriend and she may be pregnant. The Full name of Paris is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

A fan of Paris saw Paris Jackson in restaurant with her boyfriend to dinner. Saw a little bulge in the belly of Paris, which had appeared separately. In addition, Paris twice while dinner is toast (jam impinge saying cheers), but there was water instead of wine in the glass.

Michael Jackson's daughter paris jackson

“Sitting people in restaurant saw them twice Cheers during dinner, but Paris glass consists was water instead of wine in the glass. It seems strange that with no water to cheers. Also visible in the belly bulge was the subject of discussion among people sitting there. ”

Paris Jackson is just 16 years old, so it may be that instead of wine he liked to drink water. But the fans claims that last week there were rumors that Jackson and his boyfriend were shopping for engagement rings. After this “baby bump” rumors has received a boost from appearing.

Michael Jackson's 16 year old daughter paris jackson

Suicide was tried in June 2013, Paris. During tweeted that she had been sad and Suicide note written later tried to kill with a knife cut his wrist. But somebody sees them and brought Hospital. Since the incident, he lived in solitude.

It is believed that after his father’s sudden death in Paris who went Depression. According to sources, several days he did not sleep and was tense. Jackson’s only daughter and she wants to become actress. Yet he never worked on a large scale in a movie or TV serial, but his fans number in the millions.

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