Neve Campbell Pregnant: Expecting Second Child with Boyfriend

It has been pregnant months for a lot of our celebs and the latest in the buzz has been Neve Campbell. This actress of blockbusters like The Craft, Wild Things, Panic and The Company has been in the news as she is expecting her second baby with her longtime beau, JJ. She turned 41 on October 3 this year and is expected to be welcoming her second child next year. There have been a lot of reports of the couple expecting the baby after a long relationship of four years. Since September 21, there have been a lot of reports that suggest that Neve Campbell is showing baby bump. There have likewise been reports that they always wanted a second child and one sibling to Caspian. Neve Campbell and JJ welcomed their first child Caspian in Aug 2012 and now they are on the verge of expanding their family. Although the couple is known for their off screen public appearances, they are quite successful in hiding the baby bump till the revelation. They also spoke about the unique name of their first child, Caspian. In a recent interview they shared how they were looking for a unique name for their child and they ended up with Caspian and we are quite sure they will definitely go for one more stunning work with the next baby name. They always liked different and unique things and that is what they have named their son Caspian.

Neve Campbell Pregnant Expecting Second Child with Boyfriend

The scream actress, Neve Campbell is seen very busy with her pregnancy and according to some sources she has been planning on different diets and other such pregnancy things since she became pregnant for the second time. According, to some sources, this gorgeous couple seems to always want a second child expanding their cute family to four.

With all kinds of fame and buzz in her kitty, this scream superstar is now in the pan of paparazzi for being pregnant. She is famous for her part in the popular series ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’. She has been entities with a lot of titles such as fashion icon and stunning styles. She is also known for her stunning, but cute public appearances. Neve Campbell has been a very popular celebrity to be very much success both on the screen and off the screen.

She further added to by a news flash in every everywhere Neve Campbell is already so much in the positive frame these days that it seems that she always wanted a second baby in such a frame of life. With the roller coaster of happiness, the latest news of her being pregnant has hit the town like a wild fire, and the news of her pregnancy has been quite exciting for both Neve Campbell and JJ as they always wanted to expand their family to four.

Although being in a happy state of life brings peace and calm in the family and baby is the blessing that can get this happy life to the next level and that is what we all wish for Neve Campbell and JJ.


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