Taylor Swift told himself Innocent yet will not Marry

Taylor Swift says she is too young for marriage. Singer Taylor Swift feels she’s too young to do something as serious as ‘marriage’. Hollywood’s best-known singer Taylor Swift says that just it is not my age to marry. Swift think as the marriage is a bonded in serious relationships.

Swift said, “I do not know if I ever become a mother. If my kids so they would not be possible for me to get saved from certain circumstances.
Taylor Swift said: “I tell him that his life is normal like others. When strangers with the big camera behind them are lying from their childhood. The 24-year-old singer told InStyle magazine says she finds it hard to imagine that her children will be under constant scrutiny.I am still very young. Not by age but I know myself.

To believe in romance singer Taylor Swift says that she is happy being single and are realistic. Joey Jonas, Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lontr, with celebrities such as John Mayer and Harry Styles were to break-up the news about Taylor is now enjoying life by living alone.
Taylor said I have decided that I will give time myself. Instead of going on dating.

Taylor Swift told himself innocent yet will not marry


Swift said that her celebrity friends Lena Dunham, Lorde, Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber Girlfriend) and Jaime King are the most important thing to me right now. Taylor spending time with their friends.

Taylor said, “Now, my friends, the group is most important to me. They are great fun and I’m like, I take it as that. “She said that my experience of dating are extremely poor and it is no longer attractive to them.

When asked about marriage, Swift said, “Right now I am very young in terms of age, but I know myself.” She said right now they are happy with their jobs and careers. She’s happy focusing on work as of now. Marriage is still far away in Taylor Swift’s life but the singer says she is happy and care our future.

Taylor Alison Swift is an American musician, actress and singer-songwriter.Taylor Swift Movies are THE GIVER, THE LORAX, VALENTINE’S DAY, Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live. Taylor albums are : Red, Speak Now, Fearless, Taylor Swift, Speak Now – World Tour Live

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