Teresa Giudice is not pregnant

With all kinds of controversy and buzz in her kitty, this American reality television castmaster is now in the pan of critics for being pregnant. She is famous for her part in the popular series of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She has been entities with a lot of titles such as greedy and selfish. She is also known for her law breaking publicity stunts.

Teresa Giudice has been a very popular celebrity to be very much success both on the screen and off the screen. She is also known for the New York Times bestseller cookbooks that she has written and gets accolades from many people all over the world. Her appearance on Donald Trump’s The Celebrity apprentice was epic and these tiny appearances in TV seems to be a character building mechanism after she has been so much in controversies all the time. There is a class of people who might call her pathetic, but one thing that can be said for sure is that she is not tall pregnant. So we can dismiss the news of her being pregnant. Touch Weekly has been one of the first to claim that Teresa Giudice has been expecting her fifth baby, but they were wrong too.

controversy on Teresa Giudice is not pregnant

Moreover, Teresa Giudice is blessed with four daughters and she lives with them and her husband in Towaco, New Jersey. Wendy Feldman, who has been managing a crisis for Teresa and Joe Giudice for quite some time now has confirmed that there is no truth of this news. She further added to by a news flash in every everywhere Teresa Giudice is already so much in the negative frame these days that she might not opt for a baby in such a frame of life. Her latest legal battle against the allegation of financial fraud has been very tough for her as she has been pleading guilty in those cases few months back. The Real Housewives start ended up in a house arrest while her husband might face a deportation to Italy.

With the roller coaster of controversies, the latest of her being pregnant has hit the town like a wild fire, until the news of her pregnancy was dejected few days back. Teresa Giudice is going through a tough time as she might go to jail for the financial fraud. Feldman further added “”Teresa does not know if she is going to prison and would not have baby, nor would anybody, under the circumstances described” in the Touch Weekly story.

According to Touch Weekly story, the real housewives start might go for two years in lock up while husband Joe might go for 4. The legal form is yet to decide what to do with the sentencing, which would come into the picture very soon. The family welcomed their fourth daughter Audriana on 2009 September and according to some has been planning for their next baby months back. But recent interview, Feldman has rejected all the rumors saying there is much more to be taken care of.

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