Jennifer Lopez “Booty (Remix)” viral on YouTube

Jennifer Lopez has recently launched a video called “Booty (remix)”. Jennifer was gives extremely hot and dancing steps in this video and has excellent moves.
The most important thing is that the video to be released within three days it get 3.5 million people have watched it on YouTube. This video has gone viral on YouTube.
Jennifer Lopez video moves and extremely hot and dancing steps you never see before there are some who might see it before you do this. Hot Jennifer Lopez has responded to the video by hot Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea had known for the crowd ‘erupting for every song’.
It is said that this video challenge Rihanna and Shakira that video is of in which Rihanna and had the very same sensational dance. That time Rihanna and Shakira get great public interest and excitement.
Something similar video by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Dance “Booty(Remix)” is used.

If you wish to view this video, you can click on the link below.

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